Swing for the target

8 ice stock shooting lanes are available for a friendly challenge at the Viennese Ice Dream. Every weekday from 17:00 to 22:00, the 550 m² free practice area is at your disposal. Once you’ve booked online, it’s all about having a good time, getting the right swing and not treading on the ice. The rest is taken care of by the staff at the ice stock shooting lanes.

For any questions regarding the rules of the game and on how to award, record and assess points, the competent staff of the Viennese Ice Dream is at your disposal. Your culinary needs are also covered by kiosks right by the ice stock shooting lanes.

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Prices and tickets

Booking an ice stock shooting lane is only possible online, on this website. Payment is possible by credit card, immediate transfer and Diners Club. Unfortunately, we cannot process reservation requests by telephone, fax or e-mail.

The price for 30 minutes on one lane is € 70 (including 20% VAT). You can book several lanes at the same time.

The lane reservation includes support by staff. The staff explains the rules, counts the points and returns the stocks. A maximum of 10 persons can play on one lane. 10 ice stocks and one target (the Daube) are provided per lane.

The ice stock shooting lanes are open from 23 January to 28 February 2020, from 17:00 to 22:00 Monday to Friday except holidays.

If the organiser needs to close the lanes due to dangerous weather conditions (e.g. storm, continuous rain etc.), you will be informed by SMS at least 3 hours before the closure and the amount will be transferred back to your account.

Please note that it is forbidden to place any advertising material.

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Celebrate in style: the Ice Stock Chalet

New design, familiar cosiness: the Kolariks Eisstock Chalet is back this year. Just a few metres from the Almhütte (Alpine hut), it can be rented for up to 20 persons together with an exclusive ice stock shooting lane. The Almhütte will provide culinary fortification in organic quality. An attractive offer, predestined for unforgettable private and company events.

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Rules of the game

Team game

  • The team game is a competition between 2 teams to get the best position around the target.
  • 6 turns are played per game.
  • A team consists of 4 players with one attempt each per turn.
  • A game has 6 turns.
  • A turn ends when all players have had their turn and the results of this turn have been determined.
  • The team whose stock has the best position relative to the target receives 3 points, and 2 points for every additional stock – provided that no stock of the other team is closer to the target (3-5-7-9)
  • Which team starts the game can be determined by a coin toss or through the assessment programme.
  • The teams start each turn in alternation (Team A: 1st, 3rd and 5th turn; Team B: 2nd, 4th and 6th turn)
  • The starting team must keep shooting until a stock remains in the target area. Then the other team plays until one of its stocks achieves the best position to the target, etc.
  • The same distance to the target is not the best position!
  • If the target leaves the target area, it is replaced on the central cross.
  • If all stocks irreversibly leave the target area due to a shot, the team whose player shot that shot must play.
  • Stocks that irreversibly leave the target area are no longer assessed.
  • If a team has the best position relative to the target and a player from this team takes a shot during which the stock does not reach the target area, this team receives 3 minus stock points, and 2 minus stock points for the 2nd and 3rd try.
  • The sum of results of all turns is the game result. The winning team receives two game points; in the case of a draw, the points are shared, each team receiving one.
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Spangerl game

  • Moveable metal pieces – the Spangerl – hang on a metal rod and have to be hit.
  • The numbering is as follows: 2  4  6  8  10  8  6  4  2
  • The player receives the points of the Spangerl that touches the handle of the played stock.
  • If the handle runs through the empty space between or next to the Spangerls without touching any, the odd point number, 1  3  5  7  9, is awarded.
  • Usually, a series of 5 to 6 attempts is made in one turn and the total score is added up.
  • The player with the greatest number of points wins. If many turns are played, an assessment can be made after every turn or after the whole game.
  • This form of ice stock shooting is not an officially recognised competition but serves mainly for entertainment and is also very good for team assessments.
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